AR Art Visualizer

Mobile App Prototype

AR Art Visualizer App Screen


The AR Art Visualizer is an application prototype for viewing 2D framed wall art in a real world location. It is intended to assist users interested in purchasing art or frames in assessing whether a piece is aesthetically pleasing in its chosen physical location. This iteration of the application is a high fidelity UX mockup, created to ascertain what design choices would be most viable in the market.

Problem Description

Wondering if a particular art piece will work in a space is a common problem, as is having multiple frame styles that don’t work with a) the room style, and/or b) other frames in the space.

Team and Role

This solo project is a work in progress, and has gone through several iterations of research, design, and testing. I created this because I was tired of wondering if a frame or picture would match the room I was putting together, and thought: why wonder when I could see it in action? I am considering bringing on a developer soon, as I don’t seem to have enough time to do it all myself (who knew!).

Process, So Far

Initial Idea


Research users and competition



Start Development

Application Wireframe
Initial Wireframe

Interview Research

After interviewing a random selection of people on whether such an app would interest them, and asking for specific feedback on layout, functionality, and color themes I created two empathy maps and personas.

Empathy Map
Empathy Map 1

Susan Persona
Persona 1

Empathy Map
Empathy Map 2

Susan Persona
Persona 2

Low-Res Interactive Prototype

You can interact with the first prototype I created for testing purposes by clicking here (external link). User testing for this prototype gave me this feedback:

I wrote a user testing plan, and conducted moderated user testing coupled with user surveys. Data analysis showed some supportive numbers.

Testing Result Highlights

Subject age
Subject age ranges.
Subject's phone operating system
Subject's current phone type.
Subject's app cost estimation
Subject's estimation of what the app would cost on the Apple or Andriod store.
Subject's app cost estimation
Helpfulness of AR Art Visualizer App.
Subject's app cost estimation
Suggested Changes.
Subject's app cost estimation
Color scheme likeability.

High-Fidelity Prototype

Based on user test data, I created a High-Res Prototype you can interact with here.

As the AR Art Visualizer App has received positive feedback on usability and interest, development has been started in earnest.